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Singing bowls are important means and complements of health-preserving alternative processes and stimulation of healing processes. They remind us of our inner unit and wholeness, the harmony of our body, soul and mind and they start the self-healing process of the body. With their sound, we can quickly and effortlessly achieve a relaxed state. The perfect relaxation often comes with a healing effect wich substitutes the further treatment. The method of sound healing therapy serves health and makes you feel good.

The therapy is recommended:

  • to ease stress

  • to relax muscles

  • for circulatory system problems

  • to ease neck-, back -, waist- and joint pains

  • for breathing problems

  • to ease headache

  • for excretion

  • to ease detoxication

  • for insomnia

  • to help meditation

Tibetan Singing-Bowls Therapy

Tibetan Singing-Bowls Therapy

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